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Ian Joseph

Ian Josephs  
Abolish Forced Adoption!!

My name is Ian Josephs. Hello, Let me Introduce Myself!
UK Social services have never hurt me, my family, or my friends, but their wicked abuse of power has simply shocked me into action!"Forced adoption" too often legally deprives healthy, happy, children from all contact with loving parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents and other relatives for the rest of their lives! Adoption is a wonderful thing for abandoned and neglected children if it is TRULY VOLUNTARY but is a wicked deed that should be severely punished if forced through the courts against the will and frantic opposition of loving parents.

Worse still these parent VICTIMS are ruthlessly gagged !! Yes, here in the UK secret courts jail parents who dare to protest publicly when social workers take their babies at birth and arrange for them to be adopted by strangers.

Some "lucky" mothers who discovered where their adopted children were living have been jailed for ringing the doorbell, waving  at their children in the street or sending them a Xmas card on the grounds that they were undermining the forced adoption and committing a breach of the peace!

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Forced Adoption By Ian JosephsForced Adoption By Ian Josephs
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