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MP Reforming the Area of Children in Public Family Law

John Hemming MP 'Justice for Families'  
John Hemming MP

News! MP John Hemming Exposes the vile Family Court System

From the latest news about or mentioning John Hemming to older articles from the MailOnline archive, discover more about John Hemming here... Including the area of super injunctions being secured by some councils in order to gag parents..

'Justice for Families'
Chaired by John Hemming MP

Liberal Democrat MP for Birmingham Yardley
John Hemming's Web Log

Justice for Families is the Public Family Law Reform Coordinating Campaign. It is chaired by John Hemming MP. It campaigns for a just system of Public Family Law where the right decisions are taken through due process and with proper evidence.

Liberal Democrat MP for Birmingham Yardley

Justice for Families Coordinating Campaign
There are a number of UK strands of campaigning that are happening in this area of public law. I am working with people in a number of different areas with the objective of ensuring that effective campaigning is coordinated. These are my reports identifying any campaigning issues, what is happening in those areas. Please note that I am happy to work with any organisation looking to improve procedures in the area of Public Family Law. (The law relating to Child Protection and Adoption).

Justice for Families Campaign and Reports
Justice for Families Website
Campaign Reports

Please Ask your MP? EDM's relating to Child Protection issues EDMs (Early Day Motions) Please note: the EDMs (Early Day Motions) listed  on the link relating to Child Protection issues may have now ended.

Family Court Secrecy
Many people will know of the difficulties that have historically been caused by secrecy in the Family Courts. There have been three recent changes that are of significance in this area. I would ask that they email me at:  and explain their interest in the subject. Justice for Families Coordinating Campaign.

Adoption Targets: The government's plan to in-crease adoptions was flawed from the start. It is very difficult to successfully adopt a child older than 5. Hence the pressure to increase adoptions applies mainly on younger children.

In 1995 2,870 children under 5 were taken into care and 910 children under five adopted from care (32%). In 2006 4,160 children under 5 were taken into care and 2,190 children under 5 adopted which is over 60%. For the government to achieve their target almost all of the children taken into care under 5 have to be adopted a ludicrous objective.

John Hemming MP Speech Commons (Video) Justice for Families

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